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Monday, October 6, 2008

Kristi's Wedding!!

So we were able to go to Jason's sister's wedding a couple of weeks ago and it was soooo much fun! We only took Olivia and Landon because they were free to fly and that actually turned out okay. My wonderful mother watched the three older kids in Green Bay. The trip was way to short considering we got there on a friday and flew back sunday, but it was totally worth it! Lisa watched both of my kiddos, bless her heart!!!!, so that Jason and I could have a night out alone without kids! We haven't been out alone since we moved, so it was greatly needed! We were out on the dance floor pretty much the whole night and then just talking to everyone getting caught up! I didn't get any pics of us dancing but I am sure his mom did, I will have to get those, if you know Jason you would be entertained, that is what he pretty much did all night! It was a blast! Kristi was absolutely beautiful(I still can't believe that she is married, I met her when she was 7! wow I am old!) and so much in love! We loved spending time with Jason's extended family! My kids did okay, of course I was texting all night making sure they weren't giving Lisa any problems:) and they did great! Lisa I owe you big time!! We can't wait to visit again and for hopefully alot longer next time! We love and miss you guys already!!!

Kristi just sitting because she was tired and I had to get this pic:)

Kristi and her daddy daughter dance! It was wonderful!

Kristi and her new hubby Jessi! Don't they look sweet?!!

Me and Alisha, Jason's cousin

Elias and me, Jason's other cousin

Sam and me, my kids had to see how long Sam's hair has grown since we last saw him.....wow!!

Me and my twin Wanda!! This is Jason's Aunt but seriously my long lost twin! We are two pees in a pod and I love it when we have family get togethers because we get to hang out! We had a blast shakin' up the dance floor! I told her that she is my after picture when I lose all my weight:) She and I have so much fun together!

Me and D! Jason' s brother Derrick.....it is always fun seeing him and Brittney when we come to AZ, we miss them so much! They have the cutest son now, Mason, he is so handsome!

me and Brittney, ya don't ask, I have no idea what I am doing:), but Brittney....you look great:)It was sure fun hanging out with you guys! Can't wait to do it again!

This is my mother-in-law, Jessie, Kristi, and her dad! What a cute picture!

We were all getting ready together in the back room before Kristi walked in....I did Debbie's hair and helped Kristi get dressed, it was fun just hangin' out! Congrats again Kristi!

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Leslie said...

Awesome wedding! Looks like you guys had a great time!