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Thursday, February 4, 2010

been a while.....

So I know that it has been a while since I last blogged but truth is I post all my pics on facebook and I am just on there more so I sometimes forget about my blog:) I don't have time to recap everything that has been going on so I hope you'll forgive me:) I do keep up on all your blogs and love reading them when I have time. I will try to keep up on ours more often!

our sweet Landon!

Since we are always in the bathroom doing the girls hair and Weston combs his hair too, Landon has caught on to it and wants his hair done too. I took these pics before I cut his hair for the first time....he is such a ham! We love him soo much!

The Girls new room!

Jason and I decided that it was time to build on a room downstairs in the basement. Alyssa and Meckenzie loved the idea and this is the finished product! Thanks to my awesome friend Jen, the girls have adorable comforters to match and cute loopty loos on their wall:) My sister is making a curtain for the window and I have the girls names in vinyl I still have to put up.....so it will look even better later! The girls love having their privacy away from Olivia(she would get into all of their stuff) and now can stay up a little later reading etc. We feel very blessed to have been able to afford to do this and also so quickly! The contractors we found gave us an incredible rate that we couldn't pass up. Their room has its own heater so it stays really toasty down there even though it is really cold in the basement:) On the other side of the room on the outside is a closet to hang up winter stuff etc and has a door that goes up to the garage. That is why the room is shaped kind of funny. But the girls don't complain, they LOVE IT!