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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Bowling with friends!

On saturday we went bowling with our friends the Gilberts! We had alot of fun, even though our scores weren't the greatest:) We put the kids next to us on bumber bowling and we did regular.....some of us should have done bumber......heee...........heee........Justin won on our side and little miss Kenzie beat the kids! This is pretty much what we have for entertainment here so it was nice to enjoy it with someone else for a change:) After bowling we came back to our house and hung out! We are so glad that we have friends that are willing to make the trip(1 hour) to come and hang out with us:) We love hanging out with you guys, thanks Justin and Adrienne!!!

Alyssa bowling.....
Kenzie the pro!
Justin being a good sport for a pic!

Jason being his silly self!

Adrienne bowling.....

Hadley, Adrienne and me!
Jason and me, of course Jason won't pose normal:)

Alyssa giving it her all!
Justin and Jason laughing at something! Probably me taking their pic!

Weston bowling.....
Weston with his buddy Colton!

Kenzie, Landon, and J having a good time:)


Leslie said...

looks like fun:)
Wow, Kenzie has lost a lot of teeth! She is getting so big. I am glad to see Jason is still sporting his UofU wear!

AZSMITHS said...

It looks like you've been having a lot of fun in Wisconsin! We're excited because it's starting to cool down. Maybe now we can go outside!