Having a place to go is home, having someone to love is family, having both is a blessing!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Family fun day!

So Jason and I decided that when High School Musical 3 came out we would all go and see it together as a family and surprise the girls! We went opening weekend to a regular theatre not a budget, I can't remember the last time we did that, it was so much fun! As you can see the girls were really surprized....we blindfolded them and took them in! We had a blast and even Landon and Olivia did great! J said that it wasn't that bad because he had seen the first 2 at home with Alyssa and Meckenzie......I loved it too because I love the first two! It's easy to like when your kids love it!

Before the movie started we took the kids to the pumpkin patch! Of course this is all 45 minutes away from where we live but it was worth it! They had so much fun going through the corn maze and petting the animals in the petting zoo! We picked out a pumpkin and Olivia loved sitting with it:) Olivia loved feeding the animals! Landon got a good nap in and hung out with me mostly:) Alyssa, Meckenzie, and Weston did the maze with Jason and wanted to do it again and again! It was a great day!


So to all of you who have tagged me I am not ignoring your tag I just really don't have the time to do all of them! I barely find the time to update my blog:) If I would have been tagged once I could have probably managed that but I was tagged three different times in the same week......so I am not saying I will never do tags I like them and I love reading all of yours......I am just taking a break from them right now:) Hope that you taggers understand:)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My two babes!!

So there are times when I am so overwhelmed with having 2 kiddos 13 mths apart and then there are times like this.......complete bliss! I love snuggling my babies at the same time. It usually starts out with just Landon and then little Olivia makes her way up and snuggles right in:) I can't imagine my life without these two in it! Even though I sometimes feel like I am going insane.....they keep me sane:)

This is my little landon giggling, you have to listen really close to hear because the sound isn't great!

My little cinderella:)

Our adorable kiddos!!

Yeah, yeah, I know that Landon has devilish eyes here but he is still pretty adorable!

Whenever I want to take a picture of Olivia, she comes right up to the camera and does this....you gotta love her!!
Meckenzie just being herself!

I got this one of Alyssa right as she came out of her room studying, she was a little startled:)

I got this one of Weston totally cracking up, I thought he looked hilarious!!!

Now, this is fall!!!

We went for a drive last weekend on what is called the "blue hills drive" It was soo beautiful! It made me really appreciate nature and the fact that I can see. It was so relaxing too, to just be able to look out my window and not have to worry about driving, thanks J:) The kids all fell asleep so they missed most of it, figures! Well...now just a week or so later the trees are almost bare, so I am sure glad we went when we did!

Weston's 5th birthday!!

Weston had so much fun on his birthday! He got jason's old golf set from when he was a little boy. He loves going golfing with dad!

He also got a brand new spiderman bike! His other bike that he had finally threw in the towel! Jason told him to come out to the garage and help him fix his old bike for his birthday and Weston said, "oh, alright, but I wish I got a new bike" then he came out and didn't even notice it until we told him to go get the tools over by his new bike.....it was really fun to see his excitement!

I made him a white cake with white frosting just like he wanted with sprinkles! He got a few other presents and cards from grandparents too, he had such a great time!

We are very blessed to have Weston in our family! We love his energy and his willingness to help out. He is so great with Olivia and plays with her all of the time. He also helps with Landon when he can. He is growing up so fast sometimes I just want to pause time!!! He is loving preschool again and loves riding the bus. He is very independant and hardly wants a hug and kiss anymore, but there are those little moments when he still does and I cherish those:) We love you Wes!!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Handbag contest!!

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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Bowling with friends!

On saturday we went bowling with our friends the Gilberts! We had alot of fun, even though our scores weren't the greatest:) We put the kids next to us on bumber bowling and we did regular.....some of us should have done bumber......heee...........heee........Justin won on our side and little miss Kenzie beat the kids! This is pretty much what we have for entertainment here so it was nice to enjoy it with someone else for a change:) After bowling we came back to our house and hung out! We are so glad that we have friends that are willing to make the trip(1 hour) to come and hang out with us:) We love hanging out with you guys, thanks Justin and Adrienne!!!

Alyssa bowling.....
Kenzie the pro!
Justin being a good sport for a pic!

Jason being his silly self!

Adrienne bowling.....

Hadley, Adrienne and me!
Jason and me, of course Jason won't pose normal:)

Alyssa giving it her all!
Justin and Jason laughing at something! Probably me taking their pic!

Weston bowling.....
Weston with his buddy Colton!

Kenzie, Landon, and J having a good time:)

Gymnastics pics!

I couldn't get Alyssa to good because she wasn't close to me and we aren't suppose to go in the gym because of liabilities etc so I had to zoom in on her and it still didn't turn out great......She was practicing the balance beam. Meckenzie was on the trampoline learning how to start and stop jumping and how to land and also different kinds of jumps! It was so fun to watch them! Pretty soon they will be doing all sorts of things! They can't wait!