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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Weston's 5th birthday!!

Weston had so much fun on his birthday! He got jason's old golf set from when he was a little boy. He loves going golfing with dad!

He also got a brand new spiderman bike! His other bike that he had finally threw in the towel! Jason told him to come out to the garage and help him fix his old bike for his birthday and Weston said, "oh, alright, but I wish I got a new bike" then he came out and didn't even notice it until we told him to go get the tools over by his new bike.....it was really fun to see his excitement!

I made him a white cake with white frosting just like he wanted with sprinkles! He got a few other presents and cards from grandparents too, he had such a great time!

We are very blessed to have Weston in our family! We love his energy and his willingness to help out. He is so great with Olivia and plays with her all of the time. He also helps with Landon when he can. He is growing up so fast sometimes I just want to pause time!!! He is loving preschool again and loves riding the bus. He is very independant and hardly wants a hug and kiss anymore, but there are those little moments when he still does and I cherish those:) We love you Wes!!


Tiffany Cameron said...

no way! he is really 5 already?? that is crazy :) what a cutie

Cristi said...

Happy Birthday Weston!

Leslie said...

Happy Birthday Weston!!!!

dove3 said...

Hey Wes,
Love the golf clubs!!!!
Love you, Grandma Debbie