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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My two babes!!

So there are times when I am so overwhelmed with having 2 kiddos 13 mths apart and then there are times like this.......complete bliss! I love snuggling my babies at the same time. It usually starts out with just Landon and then little Olivia makes her way up and snuggles right in:) I can't imagine my life without these two in it! Even though I sometimes feel like I am going insane.....they keep me sane:)

This is my little landon giggling, you have to listen really close to hear because the sound isn't great!

My little cinderella:)


dove3 said...

Such a helper!!! I love it!!! Sooo cute!!! Thanks for posting this!
Make me feel closer!
Love, Mom

Leslie said...

That is so sweet, you look great! Your hair has gotten so long!!

Jared and Lauren said...

How cute is that!! What's even cuter is when they go to bed!! Just Kidding! :)

Kristi said...

aww... I swear you guys have the cutest kids! I just love where the second video pauses for the previw picture. Olivia's adorable! Love you guys!!! <3


Those are some way cute videos. That is way cute that Landon giggles. I don't think Wells laughed until he was like 6 months old.

Tiffany Cameron said...

so cute! you are an amazing mom!!!
i put a post on my blog for the weight-loss blog. tell me what you think

Jimmy & Spring Mason said...

Your kids are changing so much they are adorable. i love that picture of you and the Olivia and Landon.