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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Gymnastics pics!

I couldn't get Alyssa to good because she wasn't close to me and we aren't suppose to go in the gym because of liabilities etc so I had to zoom in on her and it still didn't turn out great......She was practicing the balance beam. Meckenzie was on the trampoline learning how to start and stop jumping and how to land and also different kinds of jumps! It was so fun to watch them! Pretty soon they will be doing all sorts of things! They can't wait!


Leslie said...

Wow, Your kids are getting to do so many fun things. Gymnastics looks fun, and the horse back riding is awesome. I remember wanting a horse of my own as well, I never got it:(! I guess there is still time right- oh wait, than it will be my kids wanting one! Anyway they all look great, and they seem to be enjoying the new place and everything else!
Miss ya

Tiffany Cameron said...

WOW! They are REALLY good! I was in gymnastics once and it was VERY interesting. To give you a glimpse of what I'm talking about - I ended up hanging from the uneven bars while my teacher was trying to swing me over the bar (unsuccessfully).

I need your email address. I have some great ideas for the weight loss blog. PS - GREAT JOB losing 10 LBS

Sandi said...

That is so fun that you got your girls in gymnastics. I bet they love and are so good at it. Cute pics.
Love ya, Sandi