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Monday, October 6, 2008

I-Hop breakfast fun in Arizona!!

So because Lisa wouldn't let us pay her for babysitting for Kristi's wedding so we decided to treat them to breakfast at I-hop! It was alot of fun! We invited Derrick and Brittney and Jason's mom as well because that would be are last thing we would do before we left for home:( It is nice to eat out somewhere other than McDonalds, Dairy Queen, or Subway, let me tell ya!

Here, Olivia is loving on Mason....he was a good sport!

Lisa and me!
Mason and Landon, they are only 2 weeks apart!

Me and my mother-in-law

Derrick, Brittney, and cute Mason

Scott, Lisa and Zachary!

We took this the night before when Lisa babysat for me! It was so great seeing you again:)

What can I say.....Olivia still takes better to guys than girls....should that worry me?!! Scott was a great help, thanks soo much you guys, you are great!

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