Having a place to go is home, having someone to love is family, having both is a blessing!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Thanksgiving was so much fun! We went to my moms in Green Bay and they had invited my sister Liz's best friend Robin's family! It was so fun seeing everyone and enjoying all of the food, and boy there was alot of it! Yummy! It didn't help my weight loss any but every bite was well worth it! My mom knows how much I enjoy cooking so she let me do pretty much all of the side dishes. They all turned out so good! My stepdad Ralph and my mom put us up in the country inn and suites so that we would be comfortable with our big family and be able to swim, that was so nice of them! Thanks so much mom, we love living closer to you guys even though we are freezing our tooshies off!!!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


So I was making dinner the other night and Landon got really quiet......I found him fast asleep, I guess all of that jumping tired him out, too much exercise! Maybe they should make jumparoo's for big people that would be a fun work out!

Oh Olivia!

So the other night when Weston was taking a bath Olivia decided to join him FULLY CLOTHED! Yeah she loves the bath alright and gave us all a good laugh..........she is so silly and easy to love:)

So this year we decided to make all our ornaments for our tree and paint and decorate them! We had alot of fun! I found a really easy salt dough recipe that worked great and then used a nail to put the holes in the top of them. I didn't have to cook them they just dried! Our tree is finally up and decorated with all our fun work!

Alyss and Kenzie really got into it!

I found out that Olivia LOVES to paint!!

Weston enjoyed it too and made some really great ornaments! J and Olivia giving some cheesers in the background!

Olivia did really well, she loved the purple the most!

These are some of our finished products! We did many more!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

I needed to post this again!

So with the holidays fast approaching and all the yummy stuff calling my name I decided that I have to post this again for some encouragement! I have only been doing okay..........I have only lost 18 pds since I posted this last and taking that long will never get me on this cover!!! I have decided that I have to stop baking so much, it is bad for my health and not good for the people I am doing it for either.....exception to the few that need to gain weight....by the way I hate you:) LOL I really wish I had that problem! The older I get the harder it is, I mean the other day when I did my elliptical I had to really push myself to do 30 minutes!! When I got off my back hurt so bad I could hardly walk.....my body is falling apart and yet I know that alot of that is because of excess weight, it's just that if you feel like crap and you ache everywhere because you are big, then how the heck are you suppose to exercise to get smaller and feel better LOL!!! I know, I know, I have to buck up and stop complaining and keep pushing along, oh and I will, but I am afraid it is going to take me longer to get on that cover! Okay I am done! Back to work:) Me

Oh and to all of you Biggest Loser fans......if Vikki wins I am protesting!!!!!!!!! She reminds me of the grinch! She makes me so mad!! Go Michelle!!!!!!!