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Saturday, July 5, 2008

The sisterhood of the traveling sunglasses:)

So if any of you have read the book or watched the movie, "the sisterhood of the traveling pants" then you will understand this post.....if not than go and read or watch it and then come back and read:)

To sum up the cute story these group of girlfriends are trying on pants and they find this one pair that magically fits all of them perfectly even though they are all different shapes and sizes. So they feel that this pair of pants will bring good luck to any of them when worn.....etc......:)

When I went to Logan one last time to say goodbye to my good friends there, a few of us went shopping for sunglasses.....well without knowing we all ended up grabbing the same pair because they looked good on all of us. So I decided that that night when we all got together for our routine Village Inn evening, that everyone else needed to try on these sunglasses to see how they looked, and sure enough everyone looked great in them! So now these sunglasses will always be known as the "sisterhood of the traveling sunglasses" and if by chance anyone of us is having a hard time, then all we have to do is put these sunglasses on and something great will happen:) I am really hoping this works for me because I am having such a hard time leaving all of these wonderful friends I have made in Utah:( The good thing is at least they will block my eyes from anyone seeing that I am crying:) I love you guys! Every time I see a Village Inn I will think of all of you and the great night outs we had there! I will miss you all terribly, keep up the tradition and send me pics!

The infamous sunglasses!

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Don, Pam, Jaron, Bryson said...

So I know I am not one of your super close friends, but you will be missed for sure. I love ya girl!