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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Our new ward and Unpacking the truck!

When we got to the house on tuesday we had about 13 people from our new ward show up(from 45 minutes away) to help us unload and move in! It was so fun getting to know everyone and getting that amazing help, it reminded me of when I moved into the court:) Everyone seems very nice and we are really enjoying getting to know them better:) Even though our ward is far away, we enjoy going and we know that it will grow on us. The kids still have a hard time with the drive, especially Weston, so if you have any good suggestions to keep their minds off of it let us know, we are open to any advice:)


Tom, Emily & Brenna said...

Unloading help is great, what a welcome!

I was gonna say a portable DVD player for the ride, but then all the kids would want one, huh? Ooops. Music?

Your house looks great, I want to see more pictures once you're ready. :-)

abliddell said...

I am so glad that you arrived. It does look beautiful. To answer your question you left on my blog I am still getting used to some things. But we just got back from UT and AZ and it really did feel like home when we got back. I am glad you had help when you arrived it makes things a lot easier especially for a social butterfly such as yourself. Your the best sad we missed you on our trip.

wheezymom said...

WHAT....you have a garage!! Yippy!