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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Moving to Wisconsin!!!

Let's just say that Olivia loved the red vines! She was such a great kid on the road, really I couldn't have a more well-natured child:)

This is me and my wonderful mother! She was so wonderful to fly out and help me not only clean my apartment but also make the move to Wisconsin with me and my fam! She is truly an amazing women and I am so very thankful for her and her willingness to help. She survived the trip.....do I ever think she would do it again?! NO! But I am glad she did this time! I love you soo much mom! You are so understanding....

This is Jason and I at a rest stop being silly, my mom wanted a pic!

Traveling long hours in the car, wow it really takes everything out of you!

The kids took turns riding with Jason in the big Uhaul truck! They loved it, and I thouroughly enjoyed it as well:)

Here is our 26 foot truck! Wow, we really accumulated alot of crap:) I even de-junked!

Kenzie and Wes loving riding with their daddy in the big truck!

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Tom, Emily & Brenna said...

Haha...Brenna loves Red Vines too. These kids have good taste!