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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Our first day and night in our home:)

Here are the girls sleeping in their room the first night! They love their new room, especially now that it is painted and things are put away! I will be putting up and after picture soon....
We ended up putting Olivia back in with Weston for now atleast until Landon gets bigger. Landon is in our room right now and it works out good that way considering that he is not sleeping through the night yet.

Weston slept on his mattress on the floor the first night, here his is just having a late night snack:)
After much help, my mother was exhausted and I caught this sweet picture of her holding Landon on her lap to calm him down. After the trip he has been pretty fussy, hopefully he will calm down eventually.

Jason with his mountain dew for energy:) enjoying being able to sit down in his home. Notice the aweful light in the background? Well that part of this huge room is suppose to be a formal dining room, but anyone who knows me knows that I am not a formal kinda person, so we call that part of the room our living room and the side where Jason is by the fireplace, our family room. We love it like this! When we just want calm and chill we sit in the family room....if we want to work out and watch tv or use the computer we go in the living room.
Thanks to my awesome brother-in-law Jeff and his buddy bubba we were able to replace that light with a nice fan and light! Also they installed blinds on both windows, so that we could take down some of the curtains that were over doing this room!

My mom is sitting with the kiddos watching a movie so that I can get things done. It was soo great having her with me the first week to get settled in, I of course bawled like a baby when she left:( In the background is part of our backyard, it was a beautiful day!

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