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Friday, July 25, 2008

"Hey mom, I can ride a 2-wheeler!"

So when I was feverishly cleaning and packing to move, Weston ran in the house and yelled, "hey mom, I can ride a 2-wheeler come and see!" I obviously was so busy and didn't believe him really, and it took poor Weston going on and on about it to coax me outside. So I took a break and went to see him and sure enough he hopped up on this little 12-inch bike and started riding around the court! I of course felt horrible for not believing him and ran inside and grabbed my camera to take pictures! He was so proud of himself and I thought it was awesome how he taught himself:) Jason had tried a few times with him on his bigger 16-inch bike, but was unsuccessful, so we were just waiting it out. Well, I told Weston that now we had to learn on his bigger bike and he said no that he wanted me to buy him a small bike again. I said nope(even though a part of me wanted to), and said you will learn eventually on your bigger one just keep practicing. When we got to Ladysmith, we got everything unpacked and then the next day the kids started riding their bikes around the neighboorhood. Well it didn't take long and before we could even help him he figured out how to ride his big one all by himself as well! He is a determined little boy! We are so proud of him!


Adrienne Gilbert said...

hi! i found your cute blog. now i need your email so we can make some plans to do something together. my email is krinklnose@hotmail.com and my phone number is (435)881-7877 just my cell from utah is all i have. call me anytime. have a great day! adrienne
p.s. thanks for the good food at the pot luck!

wheezymom said...

Hey cutie!! How are you doing? I am dying to see pictures of your new house and I keep looking for them, and they are not there! So.....I miss you and hope you and hanging in there there.
Love, Lisa