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Sunday, November 2, 2008


Halloween was so much fun this year! We got to decorate our house which was fun but we can't wait until next year when we can really go all out(we are planning on getting stuff on clearance!) Jason loves dressing up and he dressed up as his pirate again this year. He even went to work and worked in it all day........he got alot of laughs! Alyssa was a vampriss, Meckenzie was a pretty nice witch, Weston was Optimus prime transformer, Olivia was an elephant, and Landon was a lobster! Me, I am just boring so I went as a plain ol' mom:) They had alot of fun trick-or-treating in our new neighborhood and we were surprised at how many kids we had come to our house! We had over 100 atleast....sometimes 20-30 at a time! It was crazy but very fun to see all of the cool costumes! Jason had to carve one of his awesome pumpkins and this year he decided to do Spongebob Squarepants, the kids loved it! It turned out really good:) Hope that you all had a happy halloween, we sure did!!!

If you can't tell, it is Spongebob Squarepants:)

My sexy J sparrow!!

Is this how Alyssa is going to look as a teenager?! Scary huh?!!! Her as a Vampriss!

Kenzie as a pretty witch! Alyssa wore this when she was 5!

Weston is under there, Optimus Prime himself!

Olivia as an elephant....Meckenzie wore this when she was her age.....wow time flys!

And our little lobster Landon!


Riley and Ashley Smith said...

Your kids look so awesome!! You are so creative. Sorry we couldn't make it out, sounds like you guys had fun. Tykin had an elephant costume just like Olivia's when he was little.
So cute!!!

Cristi said...

Hi Roe family! Peter and I were just looking at your blog (thanks for the comment on mine btw). Pete was also Optimus Prime for Halloween and when he saw the picture of Weston in the same costume, I thought he'd be excited that they were the same thing, but instead he said, "I know, I will defeat him!" (I guess he's pretty competitive?!) When he saw the photo of all the kids with Olivia and Landon in the stroller, he said, "Look mom, they have two babies like we do!" Anyway, my totally random kid, but he makes me laugh.

Glad you had a fun Halloween! I also miss hanging out in the courtyard and all the fun times in the village. Hopefully we'll see each other again someday, but blogging is sure a fun way to keep in touch till then!

Gunnar and Brittney said...

So Cute!!! Wow we couldn't believe all those leaves. How fun!

Joy and Randy said...

Isn't it so much fun reliving the fun of Halloween through your kids? It's great to reuse costumes too...Devin was the original lion a few years back, and Braedin might just be one again next year if it still fits (it bagged a little at the ankles:)) Good idea on the clearance sales, they can go as low as 90% off! Just remember where you put the stuff come next year. :) I could definitely tell that these children are yours Laura; the girls remind me so much of you and your sisters its almost creepy :-D