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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Look a-likes:)

Like father like son:)

Wow....is there any doubt whose kid this is?!? This is Jason when he was a baby, crazy huh?!


¨*:·.TIFF.·:*¨ said...

HOLY CRAP! they totally are the same! i'm loving the belt on jason's outfit. too cute.

Debbie said...

Definitely Jason's boy! Look at the clothes in the 70's, memories, memories! I love the picture of Landon watching football! I have a picture of Mason sitting with Grandpa watching TV, it's really funny ~ looks like 2 peas in a pod!
I will post it soon. Looks like you are all having fun as a family ~ that's what it's all about. I sure miss that, maybe someday we'll all be together again!
Love you all, MOM

Leslie said...

That is so crazy, they look exactly alike!! And just so you know- I HATE when people call a little girl in all pink a he- when Bryn was little it happened a few times and I was blown away. She had bows and pink and 100% girl and they would still ask how old is he? Oh my gosh!!!
Miss ya- Love all the pics.

Lindsey said...

What cute kids. I love looking at your blog, we miss having you around. Way to go with the weight loss so far, you are doing awesome, if anyone can do it, you can!

Adrienne Gilbert said...

That is awesome. so i don't like you going private i had no idea you updated so much i feel like a bad friend for not commenting but i didn't know. sorry!! please forgive me! love ya!