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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

My dear grandmother.....

My dear, sweet grandmother Rose passed away last week. I wasn't able to come out to the funeral but my mom was there and said that is was beautiful. She led a wonderful, inspiring life I could only dream of living up to:) She will be missed so much by our family but I am so thankful that she is with my grandpa once again! She has missed him terribly. I am going to miss so much just being able to sit by her bedside and talk with her. I will also miss bringing her tomato sandwhiches and chocolate! She always told me how beautiful I was and always told me what a wonderful mother I was. For some reason it was always easier to believe it coming from her because when you were around her you just felt so spiritual and loved. I will miss you grandma, but I will see you again someday...........I love you so very much.................

These pictures were taken last year when I was pregnant with Landon. Look how little Olivia was! My children always took to her right away also....I know they felt it too:)

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