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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

visiting my sisters

When Jason went hunting with Jeff a couple weekends ago I got to hang with my sister! It was alot of fun just being able to spend time together. My mom even came up to visit the grandkids before we had to go back home. Jason didn't get anything but the trip was still well worth it!

Me and my sis' Heidi ho:)

Heidi with cute little Allie

Allie zonked out! Oh so sweet....

The kiddos eating luch together, they sure love each other and love living closer!

Grandma with the 2 youngest grandkids:) She is a pro! Allie was born on May 27th and Landon on June 12th, they are less than a month apart!

The kids were so excited when grandma got to Heidi's they all sat down for a story....it made the perfect pic!

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Tricia said...

oh how cute!!! Gosh I wish I were there I want a bed time story!!!