Having a place to go is home, having someone to love is family, having both is a blessing!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Just Hangin' out!

So on friday night we had some friends over from church, they actually drove an hour to come which was really nice! We had alot of fun! They are actually from Logan, Utah and moved here about 8 months ago or so. We ate dinner and then played games until midnight! We probably would have kept on but the kids were pretty much in melt-down mode. It was sure nice being able to hang out with friends and just kick back:) Our kids get along really well also so that makes it nice! We hope to hang out with them all again and continue to get to know them!

Jason and I ( Jason is being weird like always!) but ya gotta love him!

This is the Gilberts, Justin and Adrienne, and she is holding Landon for me:)

Jason being himself again:) Hangin' with the guys:)

This is the Smiths, Riley and Ashley, and that boy is their son Tallin:)

I told Adrienne to pose for me and she humored me, thanks Adrienne!!


Riley and Ashley Smith said...

Hey guys thanks again for having us over it was so much fun!! Hopefully you will still want to hang out even though Tykin was making the moves on Kenzie!! LOL!!
We will have to get together again sometime!!

Shandrea said...

I'm glad that you're meeting new friends and enjoying your new home. I would love to hear more about where you live and what it is like there!