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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Girls first day of school!

Alyssa and Meckenzie were so excited for school to start mainly because they were sick of being home with me:) They both love their new teachers and classrooms! Meckenzie was a little nervous the first day not being able to eat lunch with Alyssa and play at recess with her, but she ended up having alot of fun and really enjoyed making new friends! Alyssa made some new friends and even told one girl that she didn't want to pick on the smaller kids when she asked her to. I was so proud of her, she has such a good head on her shoulders, just like her daddy! I already miss my girls being home with me to talk to and help with Landon....it will definately take some getting used to not having them at home:( (They also started gymnastics but I still have to take some pictures and I will post those later!)


Shandrea said...

Good for Alyssa! I'm so glad that she is strong enough to stand up for what's right. That's one of the best qualities a kid can have. Way to go Mom & Dad for being such good examples!

Leslie said...

Your kids are awesome! I guess that comes from awesome parents!
I can't believe how long the girls hair is.
They look beautiful!
Tell them all hi for us.