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Monday, September 22, 2008

I've been tagged!

10 Years ago

1. I was 21 years old
2. I had been married for almost 2 years!
3. Alyssa was 1 year old!
4. I lived in Arizona and worked for Mds communications
5. I was on a pool league and got pretty good!

Today's "to do" list

1. Unpack from our trip to Arizona
2. go on a good walk!!
3. go grocery shopping, we have absolutly nothing in our fridge!
4. finish reading Breaking Dawn once and for all!
5. Clean, Clean, and clean some more:)

5 Snacks that I enjoy

1. I agree with you Adrienne, I love the Weight Watchers fudge bars...yummy!
2. yogurt with a cheese stick
3. almonds:)
4. cottage cheese and peaches
5. baked chips with homemade salsa

If I were a millionaire

1. I would pay off our student loans and all of my friends and familes debt!
2. I would tip pregnant waitresses big bucks and struggling students:)
3. I would donate to great causes and to list a few: breast cancer research, diabetes research, children abuse safe havens....
4. I would put away enough money for each of my children for school
5. I would invest the rest:)

5 places I have lived!

1. Provo, Utah
2. Green Bay, Wisconsin
3. Columbia, South Carolina
4. Chandler, Arizona
5. Logan, Utah....Salt Lake City, UT
6. Now Ladysmith, Wisconsin...oh well I did 6!

5 jobs that I've had

1. Ponderosa(I was a waitress, hostess, cashier, buffet attendant, and even washed dishes at one point!)
2. Mds communications in Arizona! I still go and visit them, this was the longest job I had! And where I met my hubby Jason!
3. 7-11 oh wow!
4. Pepperidge farm, cupping cookies!
5. Now I am a mother of 5 beautiful children and I just became a scentsy consultant!

Now it is my turn to tag, I won't tag Ashley or Adrienne because they tagged me, but I will tag anyone else who is on my blog and has time to do this! I would love to read them:)


Tiffany Cameron said...

How fun! I didn't realize you worked at 7-11! That is freakin' awesome.
So I'm liking the help friends out part of being a millionaire !!!
love ya

Riley and Ashley Smith said...

I didn't know that you actually lived in Logan. That is awesome!! I can totally see you working at 7-11. LOL I would seriously work there if I could have free Slurpies!! YUM!!

Leslie said...

I love it! Don't forget me when you have the big Bucks!!! Okay don't forget me ever:)
Looks like you guys are starting to settle in and everything. That's awesome. I miss you!

wheezymom said...

You sell sentsy? I love love love love it!! I finally bought my second one a couple of weeks ago! And I got "enchanted" yummy!!