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Sunday, August 24, 2008

The inevitable happened!

So I am on the phone talking with my sister-in-law Brittney when all of the sudden Weston comes running in the house yelling, "mom!! Alyssa has blood all over her, on her face and arms and legs, come quick!" (something to that affect), so I say a real quick, gotta go, and I run outside to see Alyssa truly covered in blood! She was riding Kenzie's scooter and hit a divit in the road and fell on the concrete curb! She split her chin open pretty bad.....at first Jason and I were wandering if she truly needed stitches because of the whole uninsured status that we are in right now.....and sure enough our neighbor who is an internal medicine doc came over and assured us that we did need to take her in. Luckily it was 5 pm and from 5-7 pm they treat it as an office visit not an emergency so that was good. Here are 2 pictures of her after she got home from getting stitches....she was pretty bumbed out. Washing the blood out of her clothes took forever, I couldn't believe that that much blood could come from a wound that small!

We really thought that we could make it till October when his insurance kicks in, before we would run into any problems, but we were wrong. What were we thinking? With 5 kids something is bound to go wrong....and sure enough it did, but we are counting our blessings that it wasn't more serious and that Alyssa was okay. Needless to say, the kids are not alowed to ride their bikes or scooters until October unless I drive them to the church down the road where it is new pavement.....we are not taking any more chances:)

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Leslie said...

Oh my gosh- Of course it would happen when you don't have insurance. Now probably when you do get covered, you will be accident free for a good while! Isn't that the way things go?
I am glad to see she is okay.
When I was younger, it never happened when we didn't have insurance, but I swear every time my parents went out of town and we were staying with my grandparents, someone always got hurt! I don't know what it is, but it always happens when you are trying so hard to prevent it!:)