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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Before and after pictures finally!

This is the picture of our kitchen before....we added knobs to the cupboards and we got a new fridge and dishwasher:)

This is the before pic of the dining room part of our kitchen.....we changed the drapes, curtain rods, and light fixure!

This was the living room before...we took down the drapes and put up mini blinds on the side window and vertical blinds on the back sliding door. We also installed a fan and light and replaced that aweful light fixture. We took down the shelving and painted the walls:)

This is the family room. It is all just one big room, we just call this part the family room! We got a new couch and love seat and Lamps:) The people that lived here before left their kitchen table...I had already ordered a new one but we decided to keep the one that the other people left because it is solid maple and very sturdy for the kids, plus we can make it really big for when we have people over to eat:) The store that we had ordered our table from said that we could get a couch and loveseat in place of the table and just pay the difference, so that is how we ended up with them and we love the set:)

This is part of our basement without all our junk......

I decided to put most of the kiddos toys downstairs in the basement and they love it! They especially like to have movie night down here with dad:)

This is another part of our basement. We put a bed there and the kids like to keep their stuffed animals there:)

I call this area in the basement my scrapbooking area, I have yet to scrapbook but I am excited to start up again....I even ordered some fun stuff off of the Home shopping network:)

This is the before and after picture of the laundry area:)

This is the before picture of the girls room....I faux painted the wall with the window and painted the rest normal. I still have to do a second coat but I am waiting for the girls to start school before I do that because it was exhausting and very time consuming! I must say though that they love their room:)

This is our bedroom before......we decided to put the crib in the spot where they used to have a bed and I didn't take a picture of our bathroom but we did get rid of the blue toilet in there and replaced it with a white one...eventually we will get the whole thing redone:) We didn't do much to our room considering that no one will really go in there.

This is Weston and Olivia's room so far...I still have to do their new drapes and curtain rods.....I have them I just haven't got around to doing it. When my mother was here I got alot more done because she could hold Landon for me.....I sure miss you mom:) As you can also see...Olivia didn't completly transition to her bed yet, so we go back and forth and eventually I think that she will get it.

Oh the infamous green toilet is gone!!! This is the before pic of our main bathroom with the green toilet and black sink....well, we got a new vanity and a white toilet. We were just going to get a new toilet to save on water but then there was a leak in the faucet of the old sink and so Jeff my brother-in-law suggested that we just get a new sink as well, and we are sure glad that we did, it works so much better than the other one and looks great!

Thanks to Jeff and his buddy bubba...we were able to update quite a bit for a very great price! We sure love you guys, thank you soo much! And to all who care there will be more updates in the future that I will post. We love our house and are excited to be making it more of a home:)


Megan said...

Your house is SO SO Cute! You did such a good job at everything! I sure do miss seeing you! Hope everything is going well for you!

Cristi said...

LUCKY!! Laura, you have a huge house and it looks great! I'm definitely jealous ;). I'm soo happy for you guys!

Emily said...

Your home looks fantastic!!! I bet it fell so nice not to have to be in an apartment anymore!!! Congrats on your new home. Hope you all are doing well

Shandrea said...

How fun that you finally have your own home! I bet you're loving it! I am so happy for you!

Rhiannon said...

Congrats on the house! I'm sure it's so nice! I can remember you stuck in that little apartment... seems like so many years ago! I can't wait to get there myself.

AZSMITHS said...

I like what you have done with your house! It really makes it look nice! We still need to paint, it's just finding the time!

My Three Boys said...

So excited to hear from you. Looks like you guys are doing great. I love seeing your kids all growing up. They are all adorable. Landon and Ethan only two days apart crazy!!tlmmpga