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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Visiting my sister Heidi in Wisconsin:)

Ever since my sister and I have been having kids we have always wanted to be pregnant together. Well we finally achieved that(hers being a total surprise and mine being planned). It was so fun hanging out with her, her hubby Jeff and their 2 adorable girls, Hannah and Joseline:)

Joseline loved Olivia soo much that she would just follow her around and hug her all the time. The problem was that Josie is just at the height that her arms would be right around Olivia's neck and she would choke:) So Heidi and I had to keep a close eye on her. Here she is just sweetly pushing Olivia in the swing:)

This is Josie just exploring with the buckets, she is such a doll!

Olivia having a great time in the swing, she loved it there! The weather couldn't have been better either, which is quite amazing for Wisconsin!

Weston enjoyed swinging on the big boy swing too! He says he loves Wisconsin!

This is a picture of me and my niece Hannah. She is such a sweetheart and so fun to watch! I am so glad that my kids can get to know their other cousins better now!

Adorable Josie, just having fun:)

This is Alyssa with cousin Hannah! They got along very well and enjoyed playing together!

This is Joseline playing in the sandbox with Weston!
This is my sister Heidi, my oldest sister making dinner! I couldn't pass up this adorable prego picture, she is soooooooo cute pregnant, it is like a basketball:) She just had her baby this morning about 1 hour ago, and she did awesome! They don't have a name for their new little girl yet but her hubby Jeff said that they will by tonight! Great job Heidi!

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Emily said...

Looks like you guys have had a great time visiting family!!!! You and your sis look so cute preggo together!!. Congrats to Liz and Matt that is awesome, I'm so happy for her!!