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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Hangin' out with cousins:)

Right after we picked up Jason in Nebraska and settled into our Hotel we went over to my cousin's for dinner.

This picture is of my cousin Heber, his sweet wife Carrie, Jason and me. Jason worked with Heber at his last internship in Kearney. We sure had alot of fun!

Olivia always has taken to men. It is kind of funny! She was comfortable with Heber right away:)

Our kids and theirs are pretty close in age so they had alot of fun playing with them!

They were all making funny faces in this picture! It was such a fun night! We had pizza and Carrie's yummy salad. It was so good getting to know them!

I was going to post a picture of Heber and I when I was 10 and he was I think 18 at the time, but I can't find it. That was the last time I saw him until this picture. It was great getting to know him and his family now. They are wonderful people:) I am so glad we had the pleasure of spending time with them!

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