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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

My 2nd family, the Torbenson's

I grew up with this wonderful family in Green Bay Wisconsin! I got to know them first by babysitting Matt(far right holding Olivia) and Andrew(right behind me) when David(Next to Jason) was serving in the Gulf war. Wonderful Susan(next to me in the back) was alone and pregnant with Andrew while David was gone. I ended up babysitting that summer and also the following 2 summers. It is crazy how big everyone has gotten! Now they have 6 beautiful children, 3 girls and 3 boys, how perfect! My kids loved hanging out with them and we look forward to seeing them more often now that we will be in Wisconsin:) I look up to these wonderful parents, they are amazing and I am blessed that I know this wonderful family!

This is Matt and my sister Liz! He just recently got back from his mission in Idaho and they just recently got engaged to be married! She couldn't have found a more loving and awesome guy than Matt(and of course he is so very lucky to have someone as awesome as Liz!) We are so excited for them! Now we will actually be related to our best friends, how great is that?!!!
This is Andrew playing with Weston! I love hanging out with them because all of the kids get along so good and I don't have to do much, they all have someone to play with, I love it!
This is Mikayla and Meckenzie, how cute is that.....they are wearing the same jeans, they are stylin':)
Matt and Eric jus playing around! I babysat Eric when he was just a baby! He grew up so handsome:) I knew they all would they were all such cute kids:)

The girls just playing around, soo fun!
This is Hannah and Olivia! She has blonde blonde hair just like Olivia and Meckenzie! They could be sisters!
This is David with Olivia! Like I have said before Olivia just takes to men and she is so comfortable. In church she had never seen David before, but when we got into sunday school she sat on his lap for about a half and hour and just played! David said it was because she sensed that they are on the same maturity level:) He is a riot:)

This is Matt, my soon to be brother-in-law, pitching to Weston! He hit some really great ones!

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