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Monday, November 2, 2009


This year Alyssa was the nerdiest nerd, Meckenzie a devilish devil, Weston was big bad Megatron, Olivia was the prettiest tinkerbell, and Landon the cutest spidey! We had alot of fun carving pumpkins going trick-or-treating with the kids! Jason stayed back for half of it passing out candy and he said he saw 100+ trick or treaters! We ran out of candy and had to go buy more! Anyway we can't believe that we have lived here for over a year! We love it so far and have made some wonderful friends!

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Sandi said...

Your kids all look so cute. 100+ trick or treaters, that's awesome. We had like 20, but we prepared for 100. We have a whole costco bag of candy that never even got opened.

Love ya