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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Our new puppy!

So we finally caved and got a puppy! We went to the Humaine Society and found our little guy Briggs! He is such a fun and exhausting addition to our family! I always have to watch him to make sure he doesn't chew on certain things and make sure he makes it outside to pee! It is just like having a newborn baby:) But we love him and are glad that we got him! They think he is a cross between a beagle and lab so he will get to be a good size but for now he is still small! He has the beagle floppy ears for sure and the tail, more of a lab nose and body! Our kids adore him, lets just hope it stays that way I am sure it will wear off:)

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Sandi said...

Cute, I want a new puppy!! That is so fun. I bet your kids just love him/her. My kids want a dog so bad. We thought we'd wait a little longer, then get one eventually. Cabe said I have to be 100% committed since I would be the one taking care of it for the next few years.