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Monday, July 6, 2009

Locks of Love

My girls and I went to a cancer walk about a month ago and they had locks of love there cutting hair if you donated atleast 10 inches. Well Alyssa had no problem, in fact she wanted a hair cut. I on the other hand needed a trim but in no way wanted to chop all my hair off....I thought you only had to donate 6 inches, so I wasn't going to. Well after people around us kept sharing there stories about their cancer and losing their hair etc.....Kenzie looked at me and said, "mom if you do it I will!" Now if you know my Meckenzie you would know that she has not wanted me to cut her hair because she wanted to be Rapunzel! So after she said that I was sold....I couldn't believe that she was really going to do it! Alyssa and Kenzie ended up cutting off 12 inches each and me 10! It was an awesome experience that we had together that we will never forget! We were all telling each other, "oh it's just hair, just do it!" but to the people who have lost their hair, it is not "just hair" it is their gold!

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