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Friday, January 16, 2009

Christmas eve.....

I wanted to post many more pics of Christmas eve but I am having sooo many problems uploading them and these are the only ones I got~

We had are really good friends over Adrienne and Justin and their two kiddos Colton and Hadley! We had alot of fun opening up jammies and playing games! We also had WAY TO MUCH to snack on, but what is the night before Christmas for?! Jason read a Christmas story to all the kids after they all got into their pajamas.

We hope that this can be an ongoing tradition with the Gilberts now that we don't live close enough to our families:) We are so thankful that they are in our lives!

Jason always has to be silly in pics, nice expression honey! Olivia is in love with Justin, she had to sit on his lap practically the whole night and even got mad when Adrie wanted to sit by him, it was really funny but a little odd......she wouldn't even go to Jason, she loved playing with Justin's beard!
Alyssa got High School Musical Jammies of course!

Kenz got Hannah Montana....what a surprize!

Weston got star wars, and he wears them almost every night now:)
you can't tell but Olivia got Tinkerbell Christmas ones!
And last but not least Landon was stoked about his batman jammies!(Actually I was the one who LOVED them on him....isn't he adorable?!)


Adrienne Gilbert said...

It was lots of fun!! you spelled Kolten wrong!! :) love ya!!

Debbie said...

Love the jammies! And love all of you ~ everytime I see new posts I miss you all more, can't wait 'til summer! We are having a hard time here, bearing the 75-80 degree weather, shirtsleeves and all!! Kristi said it's time for a picnic!!