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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Alyssa's 10th Birthday!! Double Digits!!!

For Alyssa's birthday she wanted reeses Ice cream and chocolate cake, so I took it a step further and made her a chocolate, reeses chips, carmel, whipped cream and chocolate syrup cake! Like mother like daughter she LOVED IT! We had fun celebrating her birthday. Most of you know that Alyssa got her bike stolen when we lived in Utah, right before we moved. Well, all she wanted for her birthday was another bike but Jason and I felt bad because if her bike wouldn't have been stolen then she could have asked for something else, so we surprized her with something else that she really wanted.....her very own MP3 player. She loved it! It was so exciting to suprise her because she really wasn't expecting anything but the bike:) She had a great birthday including wonderful cards from grandparents and great grandma and grandpa Roe. She ended up with a bunch of cash and is excited she has some money now:)

We are so very blessed to have Alyssa in our lives. She is vibrant and outgoing! She is very strong in what she believes in and is not afraid to stand up for herself or others. She teaches me little lessons all the time. I especially am so thankful for such a helpful daughter, she is amazing and I love her so much! Happy, Happy Birthday Alyssa!

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abliddell said...

Looks like Christmas was fun and also Alyssa's Birthday. I hope you have a Happy New Year.