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Friday, June 6, 2008

Michael Buble:)

I forgot to post this with all my other Wisconsin pics and I could not pass this opportunity up to brag about my experience going to Michael Buble!

My sweet hubby Jason (thanks to my mother-in-law) got me tickets to go see Michael Buble in Wisconsin! It was such an awesome surprize! We didn't get to go when he came to Utah and Jason thought he should look to see if maybe he was going to be in Wisconsin when we were going to be there, and oh my gosh he was! So his mother purchased the tickets for us and said that there is no way we could pass it up! She even got us floor seats! She had talked it up soo much that I was afraid that I was going to be dissapointed because there was no way it could be THAT GOOD! Well I was wrong......it was everything she said and more! He is such a great performer and totally caters to his audience! Because we were in Green Bay, he brought out 2 full boxes of Cheeseheads and threw them to the audience, and then saved one for one of his trombone players to wear during his concert:) It was so funny! Also he invited everyone who was in the floor seats to come closer to the stage. Well, everyone was so nice to me because I was pregnant and helped me get up to the stage. He went off the stage and of course we were all cheering to have him come back and when he came back he had a sweat towel wrapped around his neck......well he threw it right to me and I caught it! Yeah it sounds cheesy, but I loved it, I actually felt like I was 18 again for a moment and was blushing! Jason said he had soo much fun watching me enjoy myself:) I have to say that the "best was yet to come"(one of his songs).......at the end he went across the stage shaking everyone's hands and when he got to me I thanked him for the towel and he grabbed the top of my head and said no problem. He actually touched my sweaty head, how funny is that!! I could go on and on because I had such an awesome time!

I must say, if you ever have the chance to go and see Micheal Buble, don't pass it up! It is well worth every penny you spend! Thank you to my mother-in-law so much for the tickets and to my hubby for thinking of it in the first place! I love you both so much! I will never forget that experience:):)

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azsmiths said...

How Fun! We wanted to see him when he came to Phoenix, but it was all sold out. We love him though.