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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Fairmont pool!

It was a rainy day and so we went to the indoor pool in Sugarhouse! It was alot of fun for the kids! I stayed out because I was so prego and uncomfortable but I had a fun time taking pictures! Granpa Nevin met us there a little later and had fun with us as well!

This picture is of him and Weston being beached whales! It was so cute!

Grandpa playing with Olivia!

Olivia being cheeky:)

Kenzie flashing her adorable smile:)

Weston showing off his goggles!

Alyssa being silly:)

Daddy and Olivia swimming!

Alyssa playing under the water!

Kenzie getting splashed by the water!!

Olivia coming to see me with her adorable grin:)

Daddy, Alyssa, and Olivia swimming through the lazy river!

Olivia waving hi to me:)

My three adorable girls:)

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Emily said...

Oh how fun!! I didn't even know they had something like that there. My Sister In Law has something similar near her in Illionis, we went last time we were there and it was a blast!!!! Congrats on the new home I didn't know he got a job in Wisconsin. That is wonderful!! Can't wait to see more pictures of your home. Good luck with the move and I hope it goes as well as possible.

Happy Birthday Olivia!!!