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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Christmas in Arizona! 2008

Olivia's first Christmas was so fun! She got this really fun singing block and she absolutly loves it. She likes the song, "when you're happy and you know" the most, and she dances to it! Thanks Grandma and Grandpa:)

This is aunt Kristi, Jason's sister. She got the girls the dvd's high school musical 1 and 2, you can only imagine how stoked they were!
Jason's parents, my wonderful inlaws Joe and Deb! I am seriously blessed to have such wonderful inlaws, I can only sit and listen to others when they complain about there inlaws as I think inside I am so very lucky! We were only able to spend Christmas in Arizona with them because they payed for us to go. They have helped us tremendously while we have been in school and we will be forever in debt to them:)
Grandpa Joe with Weston:) Wes looks a little tired from waking up so early to see what Santa had brought him!

I got earplugs from my sweet hubby so that I don't hear him snoring when we sleep, how thoughtful:)

Jason got his Gps so that we can do geocashing and so he can take it hiking:) He was very surprized!

Weston got his Castle with knights and horses, he loved it!

Kenzie was so cute! All she asked from santa was for smooth rocks, a bird in a nest, and jewelry, and baby clothes for her babies.

Alyssa with her ripstick, she was soooooo excited!

Jason's Brother Derrick, his awesome wife Brittney, Alyssa and Kenzie!

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dove3 said...

What a great family I have! When I saw all of this the tears were flowing!
Love you all and can't wait to see all you together in a couple of weeks!!! Lots & Lots of Love, Mom Roe