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Saturday, April 5, 2008

10 year picture quilt:)

I was lucky enough to have my wonderful mother in town around the time of our 10th anniversary! My original idea was to do a big frame with our pictures from when we met until now, but after talking to my mom she said that she could help me with this quilt:) I had never made a quilt before and I only had my mom here to help for 2 days....but after much thinking we decided to go for it. My mother and I make such a team and we actually got this done(not with much sleep I should add) in less than 2 days! Jason loved it and even has it in Nebraska with him while he is gone from us. It was a huge accomplishment that I could have never of done without the help of my dear sweet mother:) Thanks soo much mom, I love you!

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Tom, Emily & Brenna said...

Great job, it is gorgeous! I am amazed at the time, too.