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Sunday, November 21, 2010

I know it's about time!

I still have updating to do but I thought I would atleast start with these posts! Enjoy...it doesn't happen often :)

Halloween 2010

Halloween was fun this year! Alyssa decided to be Spiderella, Kenzie was a skelorocker, Weston was a vampire, Olivia was a ladybug and Landon was a care bear! They got lots of candy....we even went to a Halloween party where our friends had a scavenger hunt for the adults and lots of fun things for the kids!

Weston lost his first tooth!

Weston finally lost a tooth! He has me pull it out and he was soooo brave! He can't wait to loose another one! He couldn't believe that he was 7 and hadn't lost one.....now Olivia is asking when she will lose her teeth LOL!

Jason's first buck!

Now that we are living in Gresham near my bro-in-law Jeff...Jason has been able to get some hunting in. He got his first buck and said it was awesome! Now I am sure there is not stopping him! Bad news is is that now I have to can the meat.....I guess I better get used to it :)