Having a place to go is home, having someone to love is family, having both is a blessing!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

This WILL be ME in about a year!

So if you know me really well you know that I have struggled with my weight off and on for a long time! I have pretty much tried every diet out there and came to the conclusion that Weight Watchers is really the most sensible and practical program to follow. I am starting this long process again and am very committed to reaching my goal. After five wonderful kids in 10 years I want my body back! I want to have the energy to play with my kids and get involved in their sports! I want to be able to shop in the stores I have only dreamed of shopping in!(American Eagle Outfitters:) I want to be able to look at myself and be proud of my accomplishment! I want to be healthy and live a long life and be a healthy grandma someday! I have been inspired by so many people in my life when it comes to weight loss and just to list a few I would have to say my dear mother who has lost 60+ pds, and my step father who has lost over 85 and is still going strong, and my friend Melanie who has lost alot, I just don't have the number, but she looks amazing! I know that I can do this! I told myself if I could run a mile non-stop than I could do anything, well.....about a year and 1/2 ago I ran my first mile ever and it ended up being 2 miles 3x's weekly for awhile until I got pregnant again:) I know that I am worth it and that this is something that is totally attainable! I have a wonderful friend here(I don't know if she wants me to say her name so I won't) that is doing this with me and is a great support, thank you soo much, really you are awesome! I have lost 5 pds so far and that is just the beginning! Of course I can always use encouragement, so I am leaving this blog open to anyone who wants to leave a bit of a push for me:) I will read my comments for inspiration so make them good! I have had many friends out there help me with this before and I appreciate each and every one of you! I am done having kids so this is it! I am on my way to a new me! Keep checking back for MY PERSONAL PEOPLE COVER! I want to make the cover, that is my goal and I am letting everyone know so that I can't fail! Wish me luck!!!!

Monday, September 22, 2008

I've been tagged!

10 Years ago

1. I was 21 years old
2. I had been married for almost 2 years!
3. Alyssa was 1 year old!
4. I lived in Arizona and worked for Mds communications
5. I was on a pool league and got pretty good!

Today's "to do" list

1. Unpack from our trip to Arizona
2. go on a good walk!!
3. go grocery shopping, we have absolutly nothing in our fridge!
4. finish reading Breaking Dawn once and for all!
5. Clean, Clean, and clean some more:)

5 Snacks that I enjoy

1. I agree with you Adrienne, I love the Weight Watchers fudge bars...yummy!
2. yogurt with a cheese stick
3. almonds:)
4. cottage cheese and peaches
5. baked chips with homemade salsa

If I were a millionaire

1. I would pay off our student loans and all of my friends and familes debt!
2. I would tip pregnant waitresses big bucks and struggling students:)
3. I would donate to great causes and to list a few: breast cancer research, diabetes research, children abuse safe havens....
4. I would put away enough money for each of my children for school
5. I would invest the rest:)

5 places I have lived!

1. Provo, Utah
2. Green Bay, Wisconsin
3. Columbia, South Carolina
4. Chandler, Arizona
5. Logan, Utah....Salt Lake City, UT
6. Now Ladysmith, Wisconsin...oh well I did 6!

5 jobs that I've had

1. Ponderosa(I was a waitress, hostess, cashier, buffet attendant, and even washed dishes at one point!)
2. Mds communications in Arizona! I still go and visit them, this was the longest job I had! And where I met my hubby Jason!
3. 7-11 oh wow!
4. Pepperidge farm, cupping cookies!
5. Now I am a mother of 5 beautiful children and I just became a scentsy consultant!

Now it is my turn to tag, I won't tag Ashley or Adrienne because they tagged me, but I will tag anyone else who is on my blog and has time to do this! I would love to read them:)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Alyssa hula-hooping!

Weston hula-hoopiing!

Is there hula-hooping in the Olympics?

Meckenzie is such a natural......check this out!

Jason made the paper!

Jason was featured here in the local paper for being a new Physical therapist to the area! This is their advertisement to the community. Julie does most of the inpatient work-load and Jason, Josh and Tony do mostly outpatient. As you can see on the bottom of the article they do pretty much any kind of therapy, so he is getting great experience! He loves his job way more than he thought that he would probably mostly because of the great people he works with:) This area is really growing on us!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Just Hangin' out!

So on friday night we had some friends over from church, they actually drove an hour to come which was really nice! We had alot of fun! They are actually from Logan, Utah and moved here about 8 months ago or so. We ate dinner and then played games until midnight! We probably would have kept on but the kids were pretty much in melt-down mode. It was sure nice being able to hang out with friends and just kick back:) Our kids get along really well also so that makes it nice! We hope to hang out with them all again and continue to get to know them!

Jason and I ( Jason is being weird like always!) but ya gotta love him!

This is the Gilberts, Justin and Adrienne, and she is holding Landon for me:)

Jason being himself again:) Hangin' with the guys:)

This is the Smiths, Riley and Ashley, and that boy is their son Tallin:)

I told Adrienne to pose for me and she humored me, thanks Adrienne!!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Father and little son

This night was pretty nice because Landon was happy and content, so Jason didn't have to be bouncing him or walking around with him. He seems to be getting a little less fussy which is awesome, I hope that it subsides soon.....but isn't he cute?!! We sure love him anyway!


Here is our littel Olivia being silly! She does this all of the time with Jason's and my shoes. I had to take a couple pictures because she looked so funny, especially because my feet are so big!

11 years together!!

Jason and I have been married 11 years now! We celebrated it by going out to the tee-away steakhouse right up on the corner from where we live. We were able to have a good time even though the atmosphere wasn't the greatest. The bar was right across from where we were sitting and in WI it seems like everyone drinks on the weekends, especially in Ladysmith where there really isn't anything else to do, so needless to say, it was very loud.....but we made the best of it. Between Landon crying and the bar fools laughing, it ended up being quite the night. We were able to talk later that night at home and just reminiss about our lives together so far. It is really quite interesting how much you still don't know about a person even after this long. I love learning knew things about Jason. It helps me appreciate him even more for all of the wonderful things he does for me. So just to list a few.......he is amazing at reading me and knowing what I need to hear right at that moment or if I need a break, he has a strong testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ and strengthens me with it, he really listens to me when I talk, and that is hard to do sometimes I am sure:), he is an amazing father and plays with his kids every chance he gets, he is a hard worker and provides for his family......I love him soo much and the time that we have had together so far. I can't wait for the years to follow. He is most definately my very best friend and I am thankful that I have him! If you are reading this hun, I love you so very much, and hope that you feel that from me each day.....you are amazing and I couldn't imagine my life with anyone different:)

Landon when he is not crying:)

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Girls first day of school!

Alyssa and Meckenzie were so excited for school to start mainly because they were sick of being home with me:) They both love their new teachers and classrooms! Meckenzie was a little nervous the first day not being able to eat lunch with Alyssa and play at recess with her, but she ended up having alot of fun and really enjoyed making new friends! Alyssa made some new friends and even told one girl that she didn't want to pick on the smaller kids when she asked her to. I was so proud of her, she has such a good head on her shoulders, just like her daddy! I already miss my girls being home with me to talk to and help with Landon....it will definately take some getting used to not having them at home:( (They also started gymnastics but I still have to take some pictures and I will post those later!)

Weston's first day of pre-school:)

Weston love's his school so far! He loves taking the bus to and from pre-school the most! Weston even says that he likes his teacher......so far he has been painting, playing games, drawing, having snack etc. I can't believe how big he is getting! I must say though that I am sure glad that he is not to old to give his mom a kiss and hug before he gets on the bus....it made me cry when he got on the bus, such a big boy, not even scared, and then waved goodbye to me! He was sooo excited! I love spending time with Weston in the mornings before he goes to pre-school, and I miss him when he is gone each day!